TIHS2015 flashback: Dressage & showjumping

TIHS2015 flashback: Dressage & showjumping

A MONTH AGO our team visited at this year’s Tallinn International Horse Show. By the weekend, we experienced – not just an warm athmosphere at Saku Suurhall – but also real equestrian sports and what really means when people ”come together”! Two of out team members had a accreditations for press that they could enter where ordinary visitors are not allowed. When rest of us focused to take care of public relations, Anni & Alex did a great job by interviewing top riders and photographing!

This event is all about two main sports; dressage and showjumping. FEI World Cup is competed in those sports. Anni met very rispected Finnish dressage rider Elisabeth ”Ettan” Ehrnrooth after a course. She wasn’t completely satisfied about her last performance. ”We had a long break before yesterday and it felt like my horse wasn’t right there. After working with him I think we did better today!”, she says. In that point, they had a two weeks time to work out. Then the main goal would be Helsinki International Horse Show. ”I do like Tallinn Horse Show! Everyone is so friendly, location is good. I would like to come at next year too!”

Ettan’s horse Wizard II is a reliable. It does concentrate and have a ”nice spirit”. ”Our extended trot is very good and normally also piaffe”, Ettan thoughts. For those who would like to be ”something” later, Ettan recommended to stay in plan and get a good trainer! ”Even when your riding smoothly, it is very important to have a good trainer! They will push you forward and high up!” 




”You will try to get to that point, when you have gave 100 % at course.” – Oliver Karma


From dressage to showjumping… Oliver Karma is an Estonian rider, who has been ridden since a little boy. His grandparents has been supporting him all the way. He has competed at first time in year 1994. In last course at TIHS 2015, he’s horse didn’t focus enough. Still they had a good ride. ”You always need to have a target for every season”, Oliver says. ”Of course everything depends also from your horses. Main thing is that you try to achieve your goals.”

A talented rider knows how to ride a different horses. What does Oliver say? ”It’s nice if your horses have a gift. They can be a little bit difficult or unusual, but if they will jump – it’s the most best thing.” ”You have your prize, when you have a great feeling after course.”




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Article: Penina Peltonen | Photos: Alex Muurinen, Anni Ihalainen / Playsson.net


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